Lucia di Lammermoor Sitzprobe

Greetings Opera Teens! We’re kicking things off with the first sitzprobe of the season on Sunday, November 5th, 2017. Florida Grand Opera’s production of one of Donizetti’s most famed works Lucia di Lammermoor is featuring acclaimed star at the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, and Lyric Opera of Chicago, Anna Christy. Alongside her, several names are making their debut at FGO with this production!


We will meet outside the backstage door of the Adrienne Arsht Center (Ziff Ballet Opera House) at 1:30PM sharp to enter as a group. There will be a brief meeting and discussion in the FGO staff dressing room followed by a tour of the performance center, both backstage and on the stage/set (photos are welcome!). We will then be seated a short time before the rehearsal begins at 2:30PM. It is not required to stay for the entire rehearsal, but make sure to leave quietly and at an appropriate time. Most people do not stay longer than after the first break for the singers (around 4PM).


The plot centers around Lucy Ashton and her fatal love affair with the leader of her family’s political rivals, Edgardo di Ravenswood. Her brother Lord Enrico, master of the recently inherited Lammermoor Castle after their mother’s passing, is trying to salvage their family’s reputation and wealth by arranging a marriage between Lucia and Lord Arturo Bucklaw. Once Enrico finds out about the relationship, he is outraged and vows to break them apart. After Edgardo leaves for France on a political mission, Enrico concocts a scheme to exploit the correspondence between the lovers to deceive Lucia into thinking that Edgardo is unfaithful. Once the day of the fated wedding arrives, the heartbroken Lucia finally concedes and agrees to the arranged marriage, only for Edgardo to arrive amidst the ceremony to claim his beloved’s hand in marriage . Taking in the scene, Edgardo storms out of the castle, hurt and angry to find Lucia’s signature on the marriage contract between her and Arturo. In a bout of intense bewilderment which would lead to her loss of sanity, Lucia stabs her bridegroom and reveals herself in her bloodied wedding dress (the famous Mad Scene). She is delirious as she reminisces on her time with Edgardo and imagines that she is with him on their wedding ceremony; she falls and is carried off. When Edgardo learns of this, he realizes how steadfast Lucia’s love truly was and ends his own life to join her in heaven.


Remember to bring your badge if you have one and to wear closed toed shoes! The link to RSVP is below, and please fill it out by November 1st if you plan on attending. A list of names is needed to grant you entry into the building. We are limited to around 15 to 20 attendees, but we need a sufficient number of people for the event to proceed. Other activities or updates in scheduling for this event will be announced on the Remind. Spread the word!



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